Walipini Earth Sheltered Greenhouse


  1. A sunken Greenhouse

  2. Walipini, also known as sunken greenhouse, underground greenhouse, pit greenhouse, or earth-sheltered greenhouse, is a structure with the growing area dug into the ground. Having the growing area under the ground level gives you the thermal benefits of being cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather similar to a root cellar .

  3. A walipini (or underground) green house is a greenhouse that is dug into the ground, typically well below the frost line, which uses a combination of heat from the sun and naturally occurring geothermal heat to keep plant life warm. Walipini greenhouses were invented in the 1990’s by philanthropists volunteering in Bolivia.

  4. Introduction: The Walipini (underground or pit greenhouse) in this bulletin is designed specifically for the area of La Paz, Bolivia. However, the principles explained in the bulletin make it possible to build the Walipini in a wide variety of other geographic and climatic conditions.

  5. Jun 23, 2017 · The original Walipini was designed for Bolivia, 16 degrees south of the equator. There, the sun is high in the sky year-round; shallow roof angle will allow light to penetrate the greenhouse ...


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