Feeling Guilty

Feeling guilty. We will miss Hurricane Ian that is headed for our home near Sarasota, Florida. We are in the Pacific Ocean on a cruise headed to New Zealand.

I helped form a CERT Team (Community Emergency Response Team) for our development. Went to the training and got some nice gear. And now we will have a disaster and I am not around to help.

Oh, well, our condo is new and built like a fortress. Unlikely for it to suffer damage. I feel for the folks in older buildings.

Our friends live closer to the beach. We told them to move in and they should.


Beth and I were prepared for Hurricane Irma in 2017, in the closet with our motorcycle helmets on.


Chicago Population Up 2% Over The Past Decade

The City of Big Shoulders has always been a melting pot — but new U.S. Census data suggest it’s gaining in diversity.

Despite national headlines about political corruption and street violence, Chicago saw its population grow by 2% over the past decade, allowing it to hold onto its title as the third-largest city in the United States.

Of the more than 50,000 residents added over the past decade to the city’s total population, most are Latino and Asian.

The Latino population grew by more than 40,000 people — about 5% — in the past 10 years, and the Asian population grew by almost 45,000, a 31% increase.

That helped offset the continued loss of Chicago’s Black population, which dwindled by almost 85,000 people during that time — a nearly 10% drop.

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Population Change in the US


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High Rise Stadium

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