Unified Commands - United States of America

The map above and table below illustrate how the United States divides up the world and responsibilities by Unified Commands.

Seal of the United States Africa Command.svgUnited States Africa CommandUSAFRICOMOctober 1, 2007Kelley BarracksStuttgartGermany dagger
Seal of the United States Central Command.pngUnited States Central CommandUSCENTCOMJanuary 1, 1983MacDill Air Force BaseFlorida dagger
USEUCOM.svgUnited States European CommandUSEUCOMAugust 1, 1952Patch BarracksStuttgartGermany
United States Pacific Command.pngUnited States Indo-Pacific CommandUSINDOPACOMJanuary 1, 1947Camp H. M. SmithHawaii
Seal of the United States Northern Command.pngUnited States Northern CommandUSNORTHCOMOctober 1, 2002Peterson Air Force BaseColorado
Seal of the United States Southern Command.svgUnited States Southern CommandUSSOUTHCOMJune 6, 1963DoralFlorida dagger

Functional combatant commands

Seal of the United States Cyber Command.svgUnited States Cyber CommandUSCYBERCOMMay 4, 2018Fort George G. MeadeMaryland
United States Special Operations Command Insignia.svgUnited States Special Operations CommandUSSOCOMApril 16, 1987MacDill Air Force BaseFlorida
Seal of the United States Strategic Command.svgUnited States Strategic CommandUSSTRATCOMJune 1, 1992Offutt Air Force BaseNebraska
US-TRANSCOM-Emblem.svgUnited States Transportation CommandUSTRANSCOMJuly 1, 1987Scott Air Force BaseIllinois

Two of the commands are located near our home at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

We just caught a hop from MacDill to Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Peterson is also home of a major US  Command. Retired military personnel can ride Space Available on US Military planes - a nice benefit which encourages people to make careers in the military.  


Caught a C-37 from Macdill Air Force Base in Tampa to Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.  Very nice ride. Will drive slowly to the coast via national parks.

Feeling Guilty

Feeling guilty. We will miss Hurricane Ian that is headed for our home near Sarasota, Florida. We are in the Pacific Ocean on a cruise heade...