Lips That Touch Liquor

New Year's Eve is a good day to post this warning for all the husbands and boyfriends in the group. Don't imbibe too much today or tonight - or else one of the consequences you will face a possible loss in affection.

Happy New Year!!


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    Have More Fun

    Love More

    Stay in Touch

    Be Nice

    Don’t Get Angry

    Forgive and Forget

    Take Your Meds

    Eat Less
    If It Tastes Good, Spit It Out
    Work Out More

    Do a Good Turn Daily

    Everything In Moderation

    Be Prepared

    Get My Affairs In Order

    Take That Trip Soon

    Run Spiel Chek
    Take Baby Steps
    Keep On Trucking
    Live Til Next Year

    Nice Video on Chicago

  • Eric Hines on Vimeo

    Eric Hines is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. ... One Evening in Chicago (5D3 RAW Video Test). 1 year ago  ...
  • Cityscape Chicago II on Vimeo
    from Eric Hines Plus 2 months ago All Audiences ... The timelapse sequences in this video were all shot on the Canon 5D Mark III and various lenses. Motion  ...
  • Cityscape Chicago on Vimeo

    Oct 29, 2012
    from Eric Hines Plus 2 years ago All Audiences ... thanks to Kessler Crane for the motion control equipment used in the making of this video.
  • Eric Hines Photography

    Cityscape Chicago II. from Eric Hines plus. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share. 00:00. 03:06. 03:06. Show more videos». PHOTOGRAPHY. MENU. + Portfolio.
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  • It Took This Guy Over 2 Years To Create His Project. If You ...

    Nov 3, 2014 - If You're From Chicago, You Need To See The End Result. Best three minutes ... It took Eric Hines over two years to film this gorgeous time lapse of Chicago. And what a good ... I'm going to watch this video yet another time.
  • Eric Hines Photography | Facebook

    To connect with Eric Hines Photography, sign up for Facebook today. Sign UpLog ...Bolts of lightning crash through the skies above Chicago. This is one of ... Big fan of your work. especially the cityscape and timelapse videos that you shoot.
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  • Cityscape Chicago - YouTube

    Apr 16, 2013 - Uploaded by Eric Hines
    Facebook Licensing Details ... So here is a very *AWESOME* timelapse video ofChicago. Be sure to  ...
  • City of Columbia’s first Main Street District Plan


    After several months of effort by volunteers and staff, the City of Columbia’s first Main Street District Plan has been finalized and is available for public review via our website:

    Our City Council will hold a public hearing on January 5th and then, if all goes according to plan, will adopt this document as another element of our Comprehensive Plan. You may also be interested in visiting the page on the City’s website where we have outlined the elements of the overall Comprehensive Plan:

    Whenever we are developing a new plan, I like to seek review from other planners and experts in the topical area—as you were, a jury of my peers. This is an opportunity for you to review the plan and offer your comments, if any. Please feel free to critique any aspect of our planning effort! We’ll review any input you provide us prior to New Year’s Eve for incorporation into the adopted plan.

    Paul A. Ellis
    Paul A. Ellis, AICP
    Director, Community & Economic Dev.
    City of Columbia
    208 S. Rapp Ave.
    Columbia, IL 62236

    Follow us on Twitter:

    Transportation in Less Developed Countries

    This intersection is crazy. And think of the poor pedestrians. I have no idea why here were no accidents or deaths there. Just scroll down and click on the link at the bottom. (Not a joke.)


    Most Amazing Intersection!

    My conclusion after a couple of views, their vehicles have great brakes and the pedestrians are wearing Nike running shoes and Depends.

    This is what a major intersection with no traffic lights looks like. How they are able to avoid accidents is quite remarkable.

    In this time lapse video we see the intersection at Meskel Square, the nerve center of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    While the square is a primary site for the city's large festivals and celebrations, it is also a chaotic crossroad for thousands and thousands of vehicles daily.

    This is organized confusion at its finest. Pedestrians, walk with care! 

    Little House on the Prairie

    Photo From Wikapedia

    The sod house or "soddy" was popular during frontier settlement of the United States prairie. There was little wood on the prairie, but sod from prairie grass was everywhere. Patches of sod were cut out in rectangles and made into walls.


    The first home of my great great grandfather Lewis Harlan was made of hay, straw and mud, described below:

    "Lewis Harlan owns a farm of 120 acres. The first house on it was built of hay, straw and mud. He helped to organize the township and voted at the first election and was elected assessor." He had been assessor in Illinois, too, one note says. "He enlisted in Co. D, 34th Iowa Infantry in August, 1862, and was promoted to Sergeant, January 5, 1863. He served till May 20, 1863, when he was discharged for injuries received in the line of duty. He was in the battles of Haines Bluff and Arkansas Post."

    Unfortunately we do not have a photo of that home.

    My grandmother Pearl Harlan Hullinger
    My grandmother Pearl Harlan Hullinger writes below, telling about her experience homesteading in western South Dakota.

    'We came back to South Dakota in the fall of 1908 with an immigrant car loaded with fence posts and furniture. The claim was completely bare of improvement except the original shack. After a well was dug by hand in the creek bottom there was plenty of hard bitter water, clean and cold. People were leaving fast by then, so Marion, my father bought another shack and attached it to the first one. He also dug a cellar in that hard shale. The pick marks stayed in the walls for years showing how hard the digging had been. "

    "Post holes had to be dug by hand and there was the sod to break. He had one good big team and a trotting-bred mare and a little bronc saddle horse. It was hard grueling work for the horses and he took the best care of them he could. He was a horse lover and couldn't bear to work a horse with sore shoulders or one that was too thin. I remember hearing him say about breaking up the land, "Horses will never do it." He planted 40 acres. of wheat and it was very nice until it was hailed out. He also took a job of breaking sod and I went along to drop seed corn in the furrow every third round. It would be covered the next time around. I enjoyed that, as the weather was nice and Marion joked and we had fun."

    As the years went by they added another shack or two to the house. Minnie was always papering, patching and papering again, so that it was comfortable and didn't look too bad inside. It had much tarpaper and banking up with dirt on the outside. There were some crops and some very good gardens, also chickens and eggs. We milked a few cows and sold cream.

    My relatives in Front of a More Substantial Log House in Iowa

    Photo From South Dakota State Historical Society

    Dug Out homes

    Leave your city better than you found It

    Boy Scouts "Leave your campsite better than you found it."

    City Planner "Leave your city better than you found It."

    Citizen "Leave this world better than you found it."

    Feeling Guilty

    Feeling guilty. We will miss Hurricane Ian that is headed for our home near Sarasota, Florida. We are in the Pacific Ocean on a cruise heade...