Cost of Housing


The cost of housing in parts of the USA have gotten very high. People in those communities who do not already own a home have a very difficult time in buying or renting.  Many solutions are proposed, but the problem is very difficult.

For an individual who can work remotely, the solution is obvious. Move to a much more affordable community and telecommute. This solution does not work for people who must be present at their workplace. 

Click to view the interactive map, illustrates costs per square foot for selected counties.

Sanctions on Putin

The sanctions that the nations of the world have placed on Russia will drive their economy far down. And the withdrawal of international companies from the Russian economy will likewise drastically impact Russia.  Hopefully this will lead to a negotiated settlement with Ukraine. And hopefully this debacle will bring about the end of Putin.

No one has talked about this possible saction, but it would be very effective. The nations of the world enact a substantial tarif on Russean energy imports, and direct the money for weapons and aid to Ukraine, and then towards rebuilding the buildings and infrastructure destroyed during the war. The impacts of this tariff would be felt in both Russia and the world energy market, and would hurt the world economy, and hopefully be only temporary.   

One more way to whack Putin.


Interactive Pipeline Maps


The National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) Public Viewer from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration allows users to view pipelines and related information by individual county for the entire United States. The map includes:

  • Gas and hazardous liquid pipelines
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants
  • Breakout tanks (tanks used for storage or flow relief)
  • Pipeline accidents and incidents going back to 2002

Users can click on individual pipelines to find operator information and contact details, pipeline status and length, and the commodity being carried by the pipeline. For accidents, available information includes the date of the accident, the name of the operator, the material released, the total volume lost and recovered, and the cause of the accident.

Click here to access the interactive map.


Ukraine Invasion

 The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a terrible thing.  And the west is doing the right thing - massive sanctions which are really damaging the Russian economy.  They will, unfortunately, take time to work. The question is whether they will inflict enough pain on Russia so tha the people and their leaders work up enough courage to tell Putin to stop.  A big question.

Of course Russians that only watch their national TV know only Putin's take on the war.  Russians who use the internet know what the rest of the world thinks.  

It is vitally important that we keep informing the Russian people as best we can about what their government is doing in Ukraine.  Below is an interesting idea.


“A Norwegian computer expert has created a website enabling anyone to send an email about the war in Ukraine to up to 150 Russian email addresses at a time, so that Russian people have a chance to hear the truth their government is hiding.

All over Russia email inboxes are pinging. Millions of messages are being received with the same intriguing subject Ya vam ne vrag - I am not your enemy. The message appears in Russian with an English translation and it begins: "Dear friend, I am writing to you to express my concern for the secure future of our children on this planet. Most of the world has condemned Putin's invasion of Ukraine.”

“The lengthy email goes on to implore Russian people to reject the war in Ukraine and seek the truth about the invasion from non-state news services.

In just a few days, more than 22 million of these emails landed in Russian inboxes, and they're being sent by volunteers around the world, who are donating their time and email addresses to the cause.”

“The spam email campaign created by a small team in Norway seems to have caught the imagination of thousands of people searching for ways to help Russians learn about the war.”

You've Come A Long Way, Baby

Women have moved into combat roles in many countries, including the USA and Ukraine. 


We will shoot you like rabid dogs

On Ukrainian social media

Calling for Feminine volunteers to join the Territorial Defense Forces

and the Struggle against the Russian Federation Forces.

We can adapt Kipling's poem about Afghanistan.

When you're wounded and left on Ukrainian's plains

And the women come out to cut up what remains

Just pick up your rifle and blow out your brains

And go to your death like a soldier.

Wearing heels while marching created controversy in Ukraine. Click to view the video.

Here is a more conventional video of Ukrainian servicewomen marching with regular boots and automatic weapons.

My First Podcast

My First Podcast. 

Off the cuff, unedited

Click The Link To Listen

Podcast Text Below - Unedited. 
Dictated to my Android Phone on the Recorder Ap which also transcribes.


Gators Outside Our Window Feb 17, 2022



Nice Gators below our window Feb 17, 2022.  I went outside to get a better shot, but did not get too close.  Even though we are both green amphibious Marine monsters, and by agreement we do not eat each other, it is always possible he did not read the memo.

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Cost of Housing

  The cost of housing in parts of the USA have gotten very high. People in those communities who do not already own a home have a very diffi...