Corruption By Nation


The Corruption Perception Index rates nations by corruption. The lower the corruption the lower the ranking. The lighter yellow colors are less corrupt.

The United States is rated 27 out of 180 countries in 2021, which is down from 19 out 177 Countries in 2013. The graph below shows the years of our decline.

Our neighbor Canada is less corrupt that the US and Mexico more corrupt. Russia is rated at 136 out of 180 countries while Ukraine is 122.  Most of our G-7 partners are quality ethical countries - part of the reason they are successful. The Scandinavian countries are the least corrupt.

Iraq is 157 while Afghanistan is 174. So we invaded and tried to modernize these crooked countries into functioning democracies with a fair and good economic system.  Not easy to do. Really stupid on our part.

Wringing corruption out of government and society is a challenge. You can't have a quality country with rampant corruption. Your top officials simply steal the country blind. 
Less corrupt countries usually have more successful economies.

We must work at electing less corrupt politicians.  In a democracy, if we elect crooks, shame on us. We need to pick honest, decent, and hard working politicians.  When we elect crooks it damages our country. 

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