Urban Planning Programs Rated

In my judgement there is no clear cut ranking of Urban Planning Schools. There are many University Program.  US News rates my old school UIC - University of Illinois at Chicago -  as number 5 ahead of Harvard and the University of Chicago.  

1. New York  University - Wagner

2. Cleveland State University - Levin

3. University of Southern California - Price

4. George State University - Young

5.  College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs

5.   Arizona State University

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Flower Power

These flowers were shot with my camera phone, a two year old Google Pixel 3.  The photos are automatically uploaded to the web and can be organized into albums.

More Flower photos at:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/q9BxtFFieDHH5jwo8

I use the M3 system for my photos (Million Monkey Method).  The theory is that if a million monkeys take enough photos some of them may be worth sharing.


Sarasota Sister Cities

The Website for Sarasota Sister Cities is Sarasotasistercities.org

We have numerous photos online for Sarasota Sister Cities. You can view them by going to News on the website and then Photos.

Or you can go directly to: photossarasotasistercities.blogspot.com

Click the Links for the history of Sarasota Sister Cities.



Information about Sarasota Sister Cities Economic Development efforts can be found at sarasotasistercities.com.  I am the Vice President for Economic Development. If you have interest in locating or expanding your business in Sarasota please contact me at:

Craig Hullinger
941 312 1032

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