Agrivoltaics: combining agricultural and renewable energy production on the same piece of land.

Farming under solar panels - A win-win

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I have long thought that solar panels on road, rail, power line and gas right of way easements makes sense. And grazing of livestock under solar panels should also work. It seems obvious, doesn't it?  Gas and electric power companies generate and distribute power.  They own substantial right of ways.  Incorporating solar panels in the right of way should work well.,hay%2C%20vegetables%2C%20berries%2C%20and%20honey%20at%20solar%20sites.

Magical Music


Magical Music


Eight-year-old daughter, Virginia Bocelli. On the empty stage of Teatro Regio di Parma, father and daughter sprinkle some Bocelli magic on Leonard Cohen's timeless ' Hallelujah'; Andrea on guitar and vocals, and Virginia on vocals and harmony.

At age 12, Bocelli lost his sight completely following an accident during a football game. He was hit in the eye playing goalkeeper during a match and suffered a brain hemorrhage. Doctors resorted to leeches in a last-ditch effort to save his sight, but they were unsuccessful and he remained blind.

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Showcase for Art


How France Turned the Humble Roundabout Into a Showcase for Art

From children’s boats to snails and a giant thumb, the spaces drivers pass around are now islands of creativity. 

Thousands of visitors recently flocked to France’s most famous roundabout — Place Charles de Gaulle in Paris — to see its centerpiece Arc de Triomphe wrapped in fabric by the late artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

But, away from international crowds, there are myriad lesser known projects that dot the islands of more humble traffic circles across France. A construction frenzy in recent decades to reduce accidents opened up the opportunity for creativity: how to use tens of thousands of empty spaces that range in diameter from just a few meters to the length of two soccer fields.

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US Long Term Growth of GDP


The long term growth of GDP shows steady growth. Which party in power and which president does not make much difference, despite all the rhetoric.


Gross domestic product

Gross domestic product (GDP) is the value of all goods and services produced in the US. This number is used to measure the health of the economy by observing when GDP is growing or shrinking.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reports GDP both as a current-dollar value and inflation-adjusted to 2012 dollars. Most values shown here are current-dollar amounts, which can be viewed on their own or with the USAFacts inflation-adjustment option selected. But only the official BEA inflation-adjusted "real GDP" value is used to calculate annual percent change in GDP and therefore how well the economy is doing. Economists generally consider the US to be in a recession when real GDP shrinks for two consecutive quarters, though recessions are officially declared by the National Bureau of Economic Research

Adjusted For Inflation

Cost of Living - Metro Areas Compared


An interesting program that compares two communities. Could be useful when considering a move to a different region. I don't know how accurate it is. And of course the costs can vary widely depending on what part of a metro area you are leaving versus moving.


Agrivoltaics: combining agricultural and renewable energy production on the same piece of land. Farming under solar panels - A win-win Click...