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Chicago proposes a major redevelopment of Soldier's Field in an effort to keep the Chicago Bears in the City of Chicago. The Bears plan to build a new stadium in suburban Arlington Heights.

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The illustration below is the concept that the Bears are pursuing a new stadium in suburban Arlington Heights, Illinois on the site of a former racetrack. The Bears are under contract to play in Soldier's Field until 2033 so a new stadium will not be built for some time.

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The discussion reminds me of a proposal I made in a little book I wrote called Dreams & Schemes, Plans to Improve The Chicago Region. The section about a high-rise stadium is excerpted below:


It is widely recognized that a domed stadium is a desirable attribute for U.S. cities. Chicago has long sought an enclosed stadium.  The high costs of the construction of domed stadiums have thus far precluded development.  The purpose of this essay is to outline a new type of stadium that can be constructed in high-density downtown areas.  
As any developer knows, increased density often brings higher revenues.  More units per acre is a basic developmental rule to spread land and infrastructure costs across a higher number of tenants.  This rule, however, is usually ignored in stadium development.  Most stadiums are simple playing fields surrounded by a few stories of seating, which are seldom used. It is, therefore, difficult to develop new stadiums in downtown areas. They are generally constructed in lower-cost areas outside the city central business district, with heavy public subsidies.
The recent construction of sky boxes in Soldier's Field illustrates a simple increase in density. The rental rate of the sky boxes is substantial.  The sky boxes themselves provide a comfortable way of observing events. The initial development of one story of sky boxes was followed by a second story. The success of the sky boxes points the way for future stadiums.
Clustering modern high-rise buildings around a stadium would permit the interior side of the buildings to function as sky boxes.  The buildings would combine traditional seating around the playing field with high-rise office, commercial, or residential development on all sides of the stadium. A hotel and convention center would be an obvious use for part or all of the buildings surrounding the stadium.  Office space in the structure would become the ultimate status address, with commensurate rents.
The building may or may not be enclosed at the roof.  The structure of the roof is also in question. It could be left open, be a dome, a pyramid, or rentable floor space. The surrounding building could be cantilevered toward the center, reducing the size and cost of the roof.
The ultimate height of the structures around the stadium depends on market conditions and on how high the structure can be before the view of the field is compromised. Lower space would be the most desirable since it would be closest to the playing field. All interior tenants of the buildings would have an excellent view of the playing field below.  
In concept, the enclosed stadium is similar to the enormous atriums now in vogue in hotels.  The density derived makes possible stadiums in high-cost downtown locations.  The actual footprint of the development need be no greater than a  conventional stadium, which is little larger than a city block.
The new stadium should be open to the public and function as a park atrium when not in use. Concerts, plays, lectures, etc could be conducted.  The stadium would thus become a focal point for activity in a high-density downtown location.  
A high-rise stadium in downtown Chicago is feasible.  It should be built adjacent to or in the Loop so that the existing parking, transit, and service business are used. The downtown location would enhance the loop and central city. It should be constructed.

Map of American Indian trails and Villages of Chicago


Map of American Indian trails and villages of Chicago, and of Cook, DuPage and Will counties in 1804. Map by Albert F. Scharf, 1900-1901. Villages highlighted in green; principle trails in red and waterways in blue. Photograph: Chicago History Museum/Getty Images


World Population Growth


Some interesting world population data on the link below.  Thankfully, population growth rates are slowing.


The forecasts below project that population will continue to rise more slowly, eventually stoping at about ten billion people.

World Population Projections

World Population
20238,045,311,4470.88 %70,206,29154
20248,118,835,9990.91 %73,524,55255
20258,191,988,4530.90 %73,152,45455
20268,264,364,5090.88 %72,376,05655
20278,335,977,6710.87 %71,613,16256
20288,406,828,7920.85 %70,851,12156
20298,476,889,3910.83 %70,060,59957
20308,546,141,3270.82 %69,251,93657
20318,614,532,7450.80 %68,391,41858
20328,682,091,9840.78 %67,559,23958
20338,748,798,5420.77 %66,706,55859
20348,814,575,1710.75 %65,776,62959
20358,879,397,4010.74 %64,822,23060
20368,943,206,7020.72 %63,809,30160
20379,006,026,3700.70 %62,819,66860
20389,067,889,0260.69 %61,862,65661
20399,128,661,2150.67 %60,772,18961
20409,188,250,4920.65 %59,589,27762
20419,246,673,3000.64 %58,422,80862
20429,303,896,8510.62 %57,223,55162
20439,359,836,4200.60 %55,939,56963
20449,414,408,4230.58 %54,572,00363
20459,467,543,5750.56 %53,135,15264
20469,519,190,8040.55 %51,647,22964
20479,569,297,8860.53 %50,107,08264
20489,617,774,4700.51 %48,476,58465
20499,664,516,1460.49 %46,741,67665
20509,709,491,7610.47 %44,975,61565
20519,752,656,9160.44 %43,165,15565
20529,794,102,0430.42 %41,445,12766
20539,833,861,1910.41 %39,759,14866
20549,871,900,6020.39 %38,039,41166
20559,908,304,8690.37 %36,404,26767
20569,943,123,2620.35 %34,818,39367
20579,976,440,1500.34 %33,316,88867
205810,008,310,1110.32 %31,869,96167
205910,038,705,8610.30 %30,395,75067
206010,067,733,6060.29 %29,027,74568
206110,095,573,0640.28 %27,839,45868
206210,122,307,6790.26 %26,734,61568
206310,147,949,1150.25 %25,641,43668
206410,172,513,7750.24 %24,564,66068
206510,195,964,9000.23 %23,451,12568
206610,218,273,0160.22 %22,308,11669
206710,239,583,7800.21 %21,310,76469
206810,259,872,9910.20 %20,289,21169
206910,279,074,8700.19 %19,201,87969
207010,297,166,7110.18 %18,091,84169
207110,314,142,3030.16 %16,975,59269
207210,330,059,8540.15 %15,917,55169
207310,344,891,4920.14 %14,831,63869
207410,358,552,7630.13 %13,661,27170
207510,370,994,1980.12 %12,441,43570
207610,382,180,3970.11 %11,186,19970
207710,392,082,0000.10 %9,901,60370
207810,400,749,7530.08 %8,667,75370
207910,408,266,9220.07 %7,517,16970
208010,414,637,1890.06 %6,370,26770
208110,419,851,4890.05 %5,214,30070
208210,424,022,8960.04 %4,171,40770
208310,427,226,4000.03 %3,203,50470
208410,429,447,3950.02 %2,220,99570
208510,430,679,1010.01 %1,231,70670
208610,430,926,2810.00 %247,18070
208710,430,267,624-0.01 %-658,65770
208810,428,830,626-0.01 %-1,436,99870
208910,426,601,147-0.02 %-2,229,47970
209010,423,541,036-0.03 %-3,060,11170
209110,419,647,132-0.04 %-3,893,90470
209210,414,959,829-0.04 %-4,687,30370
209310,409,491,089-0.05 %-5,468,74070
209410,403,272,149-0.06 %-6,218,94070
209510,396,305,844-0.07 %-6,966,30570
209610,388,517,149-0.07 %-7,788,69570
209710,379,888,448-0.08 %-8,628,70170
209810,370,445,196-0.09 %-9,443,25270
209910,360,269,362-0.10 %-10,175,83470
210010,349,323,038-0.11 %-10,946,32469


Possible Painted Lady Building Program - Eureka, California

Potential "Painted Lady" Program

Ereuka, California has a wonderful downtown.  On the water, and with great architecture. Like many older central cities, it needs more middle class residents to help revitalize the downtown.

The city could make an effort to promote redevelopment of under used properties by asking the architectural schools in California to design homes for your city that look like your nice historic homes, but are actually condo buildings. The city would make an effort to get builders and developers to build some of homes. 

The marketing effort could be aimed at people in San Francisco and Seattle.  They would have an opportunity to buy a new condo near the water in the historic downtown.  And if they bring their high tech business and or job, so much the better.

If you would like to brainstorm this with us and turn it into a fleshed out program, we would be glad to do so.  We are retired economic development professionals and planners.  This is a no cost proposal from us - we would work with you for the fun of it. 

Let us know if you are interested. Thanks for your consideration. 

More photos of Eurkea, California


Economic Development in Eureka


High Rise Stadium

  Chicago proposes a major redevelopment of Soldier's Field in an effort to keep the Chicago Bears in the City of Chicago. The Bears pla...