Missle Defense of Chicago


An interesting paper about missile defense of Chicago during the Cold War. Thinking the unthinkable.


We visited a Nike Site while in Cub Scouts. I have no idea which one.

I served in a Marine unit for one year that shot similar but smaller HAWK (Homing All The Way Killer) Missiles, defending from low flying attack aircraft. We were successful - Yuma, Arizona was never attacked while I was there.  The Hawks were used during the first few years of the Vietnam War and Israel used them effectively during their wars. 

It is not so easy to hit a fast jet aircraft. A good thing the bad guys never launched.

Libertyville, Illinois Nike Site

MWCS-48 (Marine Wing Communications Squadron) used to go there for weekend drills.  An excellent little base that was a ruin when we trained there in the 70's and 80's.  There were a number of buildings which the Seabees tore down, and left quite a mess.  And there were underground bunkers where I troops would shelter from rain or from hiding out from the Officers and Staff NCO's.

Our Huey helicopters would fly up from our base at the Glenview, Illinois Navy Air Station and give our troops a helo ride. Always a popular thing to do.

We also conducted small unit training at night.  We sent out a small platoon led by Gunner Walt Kidden (Rest in Peace, flew in Marine torpedo bombers in both the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters).  His assignment was to ambush other units.  Then our Commander sent out another patrol with the mission to ambush Walt.

Walt took his troops to the underground bunker and sheltered from heavy rain.  They then went out in the rain and fog to accomplish their mission.

Walt lost his men. I came across Walt while I was leading another patrol.  Walt came out of the mist, saying "I lost my f___ing men!"

No big deal, I told Walt. Come with us.  "No" he yelled. I am going to find my men."  And off he went into the mist.

They closed the Libertyville site many years ago, and have not closed the Glenview Navy Air Station.  The Helo Squadron was disbanded and MWCS-48 moved first to Fort Sheridan and the Great Lakes Navy Base.  Leaving us with fond memories.

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