Why America Is So Angry About Our Politics

 United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Our country is very divided now. The right is angry with the left and the right is angry with the left.

I am disgusted by all of them.  Why are we so angry?

We listen to our own media - back in the day there were only a few national TV networks and we all listened to the same political pundits. They tried hard to be fair and consider both sides of the question.

Now we choose our media - on the internet, cable, radio, etc. People listen to their favorite pundits who spend all their time yelling about the other side.  The more they scream about how bad the other side is the happier their base is and the more money they collect.

And social media is terrible. I get emails all the time from people copying and pasting and forwarding the last outrage from the other side.

And our enemies love this.  Watching our country hate each other.  The Russians and Iranians are overjoyed.  Russia spends a lot of effort stoking the anger - many of the hateful screeds you get on social media were created by them.

Is there any fix?  Yes.  Intelligent people should listen carefully to the arguments made by both sides.  If you only listen to arguments from one side you are not very bright.

Is there any chance this will work?  Not likely.

America has become Archie Bunker, without his charm and humor.


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