May 5, 2012

Key West

One of the items auctioned at the Sister City Gala was a flight to Key West. The photo above is of Tom Halbert, Gayle Maxey, and Beth and Craig Hullinger in front of the Airplane. We flew down on May 4, 2012 for the day.

Key West is a great little community that new urbanists could love. It is built at a fairly high density, and is very walkable. 

 Lido Beach View From the Plane

Craig, Tom, and Bob the Pilot in Key West

Bird in Key West

Beth Ruyle Loves Hats

She bought this hat in key West. One hour later the wind blew it off into the harbor. We tried to save the hat but it sunk out of sight. I should have jumped in and retrieved it, but too late. The loss was good for the local economy, however, since we went back to the store and bought two more hats. And the loss is correct historically, since one of the reasons that Key West was successful is that they made a great deal of money out of ship wrecks and the loss of property to the sea.