Mar 15, 2011

Planning Jokes

Why Plan, When You Can React?

Stupidity does not constitute a zoning hardship.

Your failure to plan ahead does not necessarily constitute an emergency crisis for me.

Planning a major new airport is like attending the breech birth of an elephant.  It is very messy, you are not sure if it will live, and you can definitely get hurt in the process.

Things are never completely logical.  If they were, why, then men would ride sidesaddle.

The young veterinarian was having problems getting his business practice established, until he went into partnership with a taxidermist.  

Now, either way, you get your dog back.

Our Tried and True Forecasting Methods

SWAG - Selected Wild Ass Guess

PIOOTTA - Pulling It Out Of The Air

If you know the answer, PSOOTA - Pull Something Out Of The Air

If you have no idea what to do, Plan

Stop me before I plan again

Planners on Sex - It will be much better in the future

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