Mar 22, 2011

Greece or Bust

We arrive at the Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia today. We will try to fly Space Available on a Navy plane today to one of the following posted destinations:


Lajes, the Azore Islands, Portugal

Ramstein, Germany

Rota, Spain

Naples, Italy

Crete, Greece

Many of the planes are also going on to the middle east but Space A passengers are not permitted to go to these destinations. Otherwise we would try for one of these more exotic locations.

We will try for Crete, Greece. I will periodically post photos and updates on this blog when I can get to the internet and if I can figure out how to post from my IPAD.

Norfolk is a former home of mine. I spent one year here when I was 18 doing a little volunteer social work in the inner city. I was also a Reserve Officer with CincLantFleet in the lat 1980's. Norfolk is an interesting town.

One of my neighbors is convinced that I am CIA because of these trips.