Aug 12, 2008

Peoria - Great American Adventure Town

The Peoria Journal Star reports that "National Geographic Adventure magazine has picked Peoria as one of its 50 next great American adventure towns in which to live and relax. The nationwide listing sought out towns and cities that currently offered activities for outdoor enthusiasts but were also considered to be up-and-coming."

"The magazine selected Peoria — the only Illinois city on the list — for its growing miles of mountain bike trails that surround the city as well as the nightlife offerings on the Downtown riverfront."

Pretty neat. Many people from the rest of Illinois do not realize the beauty of the Illinois River Valley with its steep wooded slopes cascading down to the wide River.

More information about mountain biking in Peoria can be found at:

City Attorney Randy Ray can attest to the adventure of biking in Peoria. He was struck by a deer, and injured. As a typical dedicated biker, his first concern was for his bike. The bike suffered about $100 in damage, while the damage to his body was many times greater.

The deer was not injured, and was unavailable for comment.