Oct 19, 2015

Comparisons of Hong Kong and Switzerland

We visited Hong Kong, China, and Zurich, Switzerland last month. Two very nice areas but very different.  I could have used Zurich, Switzerland, but it is very small relative to Hong Kong. The City of Hong Kong is developing with very tall buildings while Switzerland keeps most of their structures much lower. 

The comparisons below show Hong Kong, a City, with the entire country of Switzerland.   

Indices DifferenceInfo
Consumer Prices in Switzerland are 53.17% higher than in Hong Kong
Consumer Prices Including Rent in Switzerland are 14.83% higher than in Hong Kong
Rent Prices in Switzerland are 27.92% lower than in Hong Kong
Restaurant Prices in Switzerland are 149.28% higher than in Hong Kong
Groceries Prices in Switzerland are 33.97% higher than in Hong Kong
Local Purchasing Power in Switzerland is 76.10% higher than in Hong Kong

                                       Hong Kong        Switzerland 

Population                      7.2 million          8.1 million   

Per capita income           $54,270             59,210

Both areas are very successful and dynamic.