Feb 11, 2014

Chicago Zoning

Interesting discussion about Chicago zoning in the Urbanophile by Daniel Hertz.

"So one thing that happens when I bring up the fact that Chicago, like pretty much all American cities, criminalizes dense development to the detriment of all sorts of people (I’m great at parties!) is that whoever I’m talking to expresses their incredulity by referencing the incredible numbers of high-rises built in and around downtown over the last decade or so. Then I try to explain that, while impressive, the development downtown is really pretty exceptional, and that 96% of the city or so doesn’t allow that stuff, or anything over 4 floors or so, even in neighborhoods where people are lining up to live, waving their money and bidding up housing prices."

"You don’t believe me. That would be really weird, you say. Well, here’s the map:"
There you go. Everywhere that’s red, it’s single family homes or nothing.
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