Oct 22, 2017

Want to Live In a Tiny Home? Now you can buy one on Amazon

Want to Live In a Tiny Home?

Now you can buy one on Amazon

Pre-Fabricated Tiny Home - $36,000 (plus $3,755 shipping)

The structure weighs 7,500 pounds, so it’s a good thing you don’t have to lug it home on top of your minivan. According to the Amazon description, it’s a “perfect solution for a remote tiny homeor vacation getaway.” And it has sewer, water and electrical connections.

The item, made by modular home builder MODS International, conjures up memories of the Sears catalog homes sold between 1908 and 1940. The houses, shipped on railroad boxcars, came as massive kits that included everything from siding and lumber to flooring and shingles. They were fairly popular, with Sears, Roebuck and Co. selling more than 70,000 of them.

There’s no doubt the concept of living in smaller dwellings is catching on — especially among older people. Tiny house communities are springing up throughout the United States, with about 2 of 5 owners over the age of 50. Sometimes called “granny pods,” tiny homes can be ideal for those relocating to be closer to relatives but who also don’t want to live under the same roof.

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