Sep 9, 2017

Hurricane Coming

Bummer!  Hurricane Irma is now projected to hit Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Tampa. It is a very major hurricane.  We have done everything we can to get ready and now we must ride it out. No fun.

I was in a Typhoon in 1970 in Vietnam. Actually it was downgraded but we were on Hill 327, about 1,000 feet above sea level, and it ripped our base apart. 

My hootch above after the big winds. From a letter I wrote home:

"A typhoon ripped apart our Hill in October 1970. Most of the buildings and much of our equipment was destroyed. We hid out in bunkers and metal vans during the typhoon. Most of the valley below was flooded. The NVA who had been able to hide in below ground tunnels had to come out to high ground and they were attacked by Korean Marines on the high ground."

We hid out in a radio van during the storm.  Of course we were young and invulnerable, so we kept the door partially open looking at out as the storm increased.  Then WHAM!!. the roof of the building blew off and away into the win. Pretty neat.

The winds destroyed every building. Of course they were simple sea huts, made out of plywood and 2 by 4s. Not for high winds.

We gave up on the Hill after that, and moved our unit down to flat ground below.  But we kept security and our air control radios on the Hill. It was a long commute up the Hill every day so I just moved into a ruined hootch and lived there.  Half of it was gone and it was laying on a steep angle, but it had a great view.

I will let you know how we do in the upcoming fun Hurricane.

My hootch - 1971.  They just don't build hootches the way they used to:

Hurricane Advice

Run from Water, Hide From Wind

When in Danger
When in Doubt
Run in Circles
Scream and Shout

We wore our helmets and flack jackets in Vietnam for the big storm.  We have helmets but no flack jackets for this one

We are ready, with our motorcycle helmets and air mattresses.