Jun 29, 2017

America Health Care Coverage

Interesting information on US Health Care. Click for more info:



The compiler of the information, Mr. Charles Gaba, is not an admirer of the current Senate Bill on Health Care. He notes that:

The official name of the Senate GOP's Trumpcare Plan is "The Better Care Reconciliation Act" Plan...otherwise known as "BCRAP"


The Center for American Progress has put together their own state-based and Congressional-District-based breakout of the latest score by the CBO of the Republican Senate's "BCRAP" healthcare bill.
They've once again taken the CBO's total estimates for net coverage losses as of 2026 (15 million nonelderly people losing Medicaid, 7 million losing individual market coverage) and done their best to break that 22 million total out by state, district and even the type of Medicaid coverage (Adults, Children, the disabled and ACA expansion), along with the million or so elderly Medicaid enrollees who would likely lose partial coverage (they'd still have Medicare but lose Medicaid). I'm once again taking their raw data and reformatting/color coding it into individual state-level infographics, suitable for sharing via social media.
Health care coverage is very complex and hard for we mere mortals to comprehend.  The bottom line, though, is it is very expensive, and Congressional Republicans are proposing to cut taxes and lower subsidies. Tax cuts are a fine thing and it is likely the well to do will appreciate it. But the low income folks who lose their insurance or have to pay more likely will not like it.