Jun 28, 2017

Talk Radio

Talk radio is an important part of forming political opinions for many Americans. Five of the ten most listened to radio programs are conservative talk. Another conservative talk show, Hugh Hewitt is the 17th most listened to conservative show. Thom Hartmann is 19th and the only progressive radio show among the top 20.  I was surprised that Laura Ingram and Dennis Praeger did not make the top 20.

The programs are all entertaining, although become boring from their incessant snarky criticism of everything and everyone with whom they disagree. This obviously appeals to their listeners. The hosts are getting rich talking so they are on the economic right track.

The top two hosts, Limbaugh and Hannity, are both college dropouts. Number three Glen Beck took a college course.

Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, Laura Ingraham are lawyers. Michael Savage is a PhD in nutritional ethnomedicine. Dennis Praeger has a BA. Thom Hartmann has three degrees in herbology and homeopathic medicine.

Lesson learned for future would be conservative talk shows hosts?  Don't waste time with college. The three most successful hosts don't have college degrees. And don't be a liberal - conservatives are far more popular.

I find that talk radio has become more polarized.  People want to hear incessant criticism of the people they disagree with. It pays for radio shows to ignore nuance and blast their opponents. And this is bad for civil discourse.