Mar 28, 2017

Very good planning read!!!!!!!! Steve Lazzara, AICP

A Struggling Small Town Wants Problems Solved

Very good planning read!!!!!!!!

Steve Lazzara, AICP

At the very southernmost tip of Illinois, the pancake flat cornfields give way to the rolling, forested hills of the Delta. Here, at the windy confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, it feels more southern than Midwest when you arrive at the old river port and factory town of Cairo, once made famous in Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. But Twain might not recognize Cairo today. "People come through Cairo and say 'wow'," says Phillip Matthews, a pastor and community activist. In the last three decades, his hometown lost half its population. Alexander County is not only the poorest county in Illinois; it's also one of the fastest depopulating counties in the United States.

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