Feb 4, 2017

Burnham Plan For Chicago


The City looks great. It keeps getting better looking. And tourism has become very large. There must have been 50 tourist boats in the Chicago River and along Navy Pier - a huge increase from a few years ago.

I would estimate about 30% of the Burnham Plan was actually constructed. Many proposals were too difficult or costly for the City to undertake. But what was built substantially improved the City.

I think the city should still build a few more of his proposals. The second Pier should be built - would add public access and land into Lake Michigan. And this time it could be "Green" and sustainable, improving the natural environment while providing more public open space next to downtown and the lakefront.

And the central train terminal should be built, with better interface among all public transit systems and automobiles.

Chicago is a great city. And looking better every year. 

But having said all that, I prefer to live in Manatee County in Florida. Our metro area is about 800,000 people, a very nice size. The 8,000,000 people in the Chicago Metro area is a few too many.