Nov 17, 2016

China, Singapore Plan the Next Eco-City

China and Singapore are collaborating in the design and building of a practical, scalable, and easily-replicated eco-city that takes on environmental protection, sustainable development, and resource and energy conservation...
By the year 2020, China plans to have 350,000 residents living within the world's first “socially harmonious, environmentally friendly and resource-conserving city”, called Tianjin Eco-city.
Located 150 km from Beijing and 40 km east of Tianjin city, the Eco-city will possess some of the most modern and popular energy-saving technologies: solar and wind power, rainwater recycling, and wastewater treatment/desalination of sea water throughout its 30 square kilometers.
Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city has set explicit sustainability goals for the 2020 completion, including limiting carbon emissions (per unit of GDP); ensuring all buildings are built with green standards higher than the current national and provincial level; receiving at least fifty percent of its water from non-conventional sources; and having a share of "Green Trips" (walking, biking, public transportation like the light rail system) whose use exceed 90 percent.
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