Sep 2, 2016

Form Based Code in Sarasota. Florida

What is the Urban Design Studio? 
The City Commission established the Urban Design Studio (UDS) to work with Citizens and Stakeholders to create a City-wide Form-Based Code to replace the City's current Zoning Code.
  What is a Form Based Code?
A Form-based code (FBC) fosters predictable building patterns and high-quality public spaces by using physical form (rather than separation of uses) as the organizing principle for the code. The zone districts or Transects are regulations, not mere guidelines, adopted into city or county law.  Form-based codes address the relationship between building facades and public spaces such as parks, the form and mass of buildings in relation to one another, and the scale and types of streets and blocks. The regulations and standards in form-based codes are presented in words, clearly drawn diagrams, metrics and other graphics.   
Form-based codes are a modern response to the challenges of urban sprawl, deterioration of historic neighborhoods, and the need for safe and efficient multi-modal transportation options for pedestrians and cyclists. Working together with City Staff the code will also incorporate specific elements within the public realm including sidewalks, bicycle lanes, transit, on-street parking, and street trees.
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