Jul 6, 2016

Social Media to Market Your City, Organization, or Yourself

Your Info On Line

You can publish your information on line for free. Social Marketing is a low cost and effective way to market your organization, business or yourself. You can:

1. Publicize your business
2. Promote your organization
3. Write your family history
4. Publish the great American novel
5. Tell the world about anything you would like to tell.

        All for FREE!! Such a Deal!!

There are many different ways to use the internet and social marketing to promote your business and organization. The following is one way.

You try to make your blog interesting to your intended reader. You can just have entries originated by you, but it will probably be more interesting if you add content from other similar web sites. It takes a little time to figure how to do it, but essentially you are linking other similar web sites, blogs, twitter, facebook, linkedin and other sites to your blog. As they write new content it appears on your site. My examples below:

Simple One Page Blog:

More Complex Blogs: 

First step? Create your Blog. For blogging I prefer blogger.com which is free and part of google, but there are numerous other free and low cost services. You can get up and blogging in a few minutes, although it will take some time to learn the tricks. Click on:

Start slow and easy - the blog below is my simple one entry blog.

You can write many blogs if you wish. You may wish to have one that is just your resume or brochure that does not change very often.  My example is:

The address of the blog is a little long. You can purchase a .com address to make the address easier to remember, and have it automatically forward to your blog. This costs about $75 for ten years from GoDaddy or Google or other sources. Examples below:

These are the addresses that I use for myself.