Jul 7, 2016

Sarasota County Plan

The guiding plan for the next decade of development and growth in Sarasota County received its first approval Wednesday afternoon.

The updated county comprehensive plan goes to state officials for further review and comment before returning for a final County Commission approval in late October.

The two-volume, 1,300-page document lays out the framework for how county planners will address quality of life, environmental, transportation, health, utilities and land-use issues for the next 10 years. It is designed to give the overarching goals and objectives of the county to complement the more specific ordinances and zoning rules that govern day-to-day operations.

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1,300 pages?  I get tired just thinking about reading it. The plan is on line and ready for your review.


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The Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) is an official public document adopted by theSarasota County Commission to guide decision-making ...

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Planning Services provides unincorporated Sarasota County with land use services in collaboration with businesses, residents and neighboring jurisdictions to ...

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Adopted on July 10, 2002, Sarasota 2050 creates a set of policies overlaid on top of the ComprehensivePlan's Future Land Use Map of Sarasota County.

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Sarasota County's Comprehensive Plan guides growth in Sarasota County. The goal is to foster a vibrant and healthy county. The Comp Plan is a vision and ...

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... striping and landscaping. All new construction within the right of way requires a permit and a maintenance of traffic plan, and will be inspected as required.

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(plan review, inspections, one stop permitting, permit records and permit online ... ​Tell us about your experience with Planning and Development Services.

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