Jul 9, 2016

Carbondale, Illinois Tax Increment Financing District Downtown Redevelopment

The City of Carbondale developed two Tax Increment Financing Districts. The large district above is in the historic downtown. Southern Illinois University is at the south end of the District. Major roads intersect the district from all directions. The AMTRAK station is near the center of the District. The City owns a number of properties within the TIF.

The City will use TIF to assist redevelopment. The City is poised for great redevelopment facilitated by the proximity of the University and by the face that the area is traversed by all the major roads.  The district is attractive and can support substantial quality redevelopment.

This smaller district above is located west of the downtown area. The District includes two large historic structures. In addition to TIF incentives, the redevelopment of the historic properties could receive a valuable historic tax credit.