May 28, 2016

California's Water Problem - Possible Solutions

I don't know a great deal about the water supply issues in California, but as you know I never let ignorance of a subject influence my willingness to offer my opinion.

In general the following could be done to reduce water usage and/or increase supply.

1. Conservation - Increase water costs substantially in order to get people to conserve and to raise the capital for future major investments.

2. Shift away from water intensive landscaping - more arid landscaping.

3. Change golf courses to desert courses.

4. Shift away from very high water use crops and livestock - almonds use a great deal of water.

5. Recycle sewage water. Clean it up and use it again.

6. Encourage retirees to move elsewhere. (added benefit is to control the cost of housing).

Increase supply - choose the most cost effective, paid for with the new additional revenues from higher water charges.

1. Desalination - unlimited supply of seawater

2. Build a pipe and/or canal from the Pacific Northwest

3. Build a pipe and/or canal from the Mighty Mississippi

4. Bring water by the train or barge load

5. Tow in some icebergs

California can do a lot of this on their own without Federal help or leadership. But the American way is to try to get OGM (Other Governments Money). No reason not to, everyone does. If I were in their shoes I would be trying to get substantial Federal help.