Apr 30, 2016

Planning Workshops - Pete Pointner

Every spring, municipalities have newly elected and appointed officials that deal with issues of planning, zoning and development.  Most of them are lay persons and do not have much experience in dealing with planning and development issues. I am again offering training workshops for plan commissioners, zoning boards, staff and other municipal officials.  These workshops will help them deal with planning and issues with more competence, confidence and efficiency.  This in turn can increase the defensibility of their decisions and improve the quality of development in your community. These workshops typically last 1-2 hours and each participant receives a copy of my book “Planning Connections – Human, Natural and Man Made”. 

I also am available to make pro-bono presentations on a variety of urban planning and design issues to students, professional societies and public service groups. See www.petepointner.com  for additional information on my background, the book, workshops and presentations.  
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N.J. “Pete” Pointner FAICP, ALA, ITE
Independent Consultant
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Cell: 630-222-2424S

When Pullman was named a national monument, APA contacted me for a 30 minute interview on the grass roots public involvement program that has been a foundation for revitalization. I was chairman of the first preservation committee more than 45 years ago.  To listen to the interview go to: http://blogs.planning.org/apanews/2015/02/25/the-importance-of-pullman-from-a-planning-perspective/

On November 3rd 2015 I made a presentation to the Village of Homer Glen. A video of the presentation is now available on YouTube.  This presentation covered: How to update and use their Comprehensive Plan; how to influence the character of two arterial corridors in which IDOT is clearcutting the right of way; alternative concepts for creating a new town center; and, how to attract good development and how that is reinforced by their environmental values and priorities. The YouTube ref is:https://youtu.be/F4ditxIarcU

Sustainability, Mobility Transportation Connection
Check out my paper, The Sustainability, Mobility, Transportation Connection via the APA blog site. Here’s the link:http://blogs.planning.org/sustainability/2015/07/14/the-sustainability-mobility-transportation-connection/

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I have worked with Pete Pointner many times over the years. He is very knowledgeable and an excellent speaker.