Nov 13, 2015

Downtown Sarasota

Downtown Sarasota - Ty Warner and Craig Hullinger

Nice new roundabout in beautiful downtown Sarasota.

Met with my friend Ty Warner today. We wandered around downtown Sarasota and admired recent civic improvements.

Ty grew up in Sarasota and is now the Director of the Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission.  He and I worked together at the Will County (Illinois) Planning Department.  It was good catching up and we enjoyed seeing the great improvements to downtown Sarasota.  

Ty's father is a citizen planner and a strong advocate for roundabouts.  Sarasota has constructed some very nice roundabouts and more are planned.

Nice coffee shops and restaurants - great streetscape.

Nice way finding signage downtown.

Two nice ponds in downtown.

A large number of interesting sculptures downtown.

Nice new urban building.

Ty at the Piano.  There are a number of pianos scattered about downtown where anyone can play. A very nice touch.

Video of a gentleman playing:

Ty Warner playing: