Mar 14, 2015

Successful Open Space Planning

Open space planning can be a fun and interesting effort.  It is kind of a hobby of mine and I enjoy helping envision open space projects, developing a short plan, and then helping build support for the plan. My projects have failed more often than succeeded - it is not easy.

I discuss three projects below - the successful Plank Road Trail Plan and the Chaminwood Lake Plan, and the Ward Lake Plan which I just wrote a few weeks ago.

Guidelines For A Successful Open Space Project

1. Develop a simple plan - one page on the internet is best.

2. Develop a good map and graphic.

3. Come up with an attractive name.

4. Try to get land owners interested in a partial donation.

5. Develop political support.
6. Build coalitions.

7. Find the money.

8. Acquire and improve the park.

9. Celebrate success with photos.

10. Repeat the process with another site.