Dec 22, 2014

City of Columbia’s first Main Street District Plan


After several months of effort by volunteers and staff, the City of Columbia’s first Main Street District Plan has been finalized and is available for public review via our website:

Our City Council will hold a public hearing on January 5th and then, if all goes according to plan, will adopt this document as another element of our Comprehensive Plan. You may also be interested in visiting the page on the City’s website where we have outlined the elements of the overall Comprehensive Plan:

Whenever we are developing a new plan, I like to seek review from other planners and experts in the topical area—as you were, a jury of my peers. This is an opportunity for you to review the plan and offer your comments, if any. Please feel free to critique any aspect of our planning effort! We’ll review any input you provide us prior to New Year’s Eve for incorporation into the adopted plan.

Paul A. Ellis
Paul A. Ellis, AICP
Director, Community & Economic Dev.
City of Columbia
208 S. Rapp Ave.
Columbia, IL 62236

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