Sep 19, 2014

Boston's 'Adult Playground': Created without Traditional Planning


Landscape ArchitectureMassachusetts

Anthony Flint cites the example of Boston's new adult playground to ask the question: "Should we let more urban design emerge organically?"

Anthony Flint is obviously a fan of the adult playground in the Seaport District of Boston, calling it "wildly successful" and an "urban activity sensation." Here's why: "People are flocking to the three-acre site adjacent to the Boston Convention and Exhibitors Center, with its set of 20 lighted oval swings, bocce, ping pong, beanbag toss, Adirondack chairs, a sound stage, and open-air bar."
"And the most interesting feature from an urban design perspective? The wildly successful Lawn on D Street, a partnership of Sasaki and Utile with HR&A Advisors, wasn’t planned years in advance. It wasn’t in the public-realm plan and it was part of no master plan."

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