Jun 9, 2014

Solar Shade Structure Over Parking Lots - Solar Power

Solar collectors that provide shade for parking lots while also providing clean power are a natural for city parking lots. Electric cars can be plugged into charging stations while they are left during the day.

  • Sun shades cool parking lots, pump out solar energy ...


    Bloomberg Businessweek
    May 29, 2008 - Sun shades cool parking lots, pump out solar energy ..... I'd love to think that Envision can produce solar collectors for under $2/watt, and if they ...
  • Patent EP2616748A2 - Covered parking structure ... - Google


    Jul 24, 2013 - Covered parking structure adjustable solar energy collector holder and parking ... substantially shades the two contiguous parking spaces from ...
  • Benefits of Solar Shades | The Research Pedia


    Benefits of Solar Shades are numerous, they can save power and even generate ... Installing active solar shades over parking lots solves the problem of heating as it prevents the .... Internet consists of a huge collection of websites with lots [...] ...
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    Solar Ready Buildings Planning Guide - NREL


    National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    by L Lisell - ‎2009 - ‎Cited by 5 - ‎Related articles
    Design sufficient space between point sources of emissions (parking lots, ... Run electrical conduit from the solar collector location to the electrical panel and ... Use a sun path calculator, such as the Solar Pathfinder™, to assess shading at a.
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    2007-0800 Amendments to Title 19 and Title - City of ...


    Sep 30, 2008 - makes changes to state law regarding solar collectors and the potential conflict ... Allowance for solar collectors in lieu of parking lot shading –.
  • Turning Parking Lots into Solar Power Plants - Tioga Energy


    Tioga Energy
    Parking lots take up lots of underutilized space. However, thanks to recent structural innovations, the solar power industry has put increasing amounts of that ...
  • Power Parasol lot 59 - Architizer


    Innovative solar shade structure composed of four solar arrays that shade over 800 parking spaces and transforms a massive 5-acre parking lot into a civic space when needed for major civic ... Add To Collection Save this image to a collection.
  • Experimental - Build It Solar


    An insulating window shade that also acts as a solar collector, and that .... Seems like it might work well for public swimming pools with large parking lots?
  • solar: homepage | Business and Finance


    Arizona State University
    Feb 4, 2014 - Total Number of Solar Collectors Installed: 9,280. Total Number of Shaded Parking Spaces: 5,447. Total Number of Shaded Stadium Seats: ...
  • parking lots in the age of sustainability creating a landscape ...


    By activating vehicle parking areas with pleasing shade structures, communities ... by storm water runoff that contaminates municipal collection systems, and pole lights, ... In fact, by “foresting” parking lots with Solar Trees™, parking lots can be ...