Sep 13, 2013

The Scoop From Planetizen

The Suburbs Are Deficient Because We Made Them That Way
Sep 10, 2013 -- Streets MN
With their unhealthy environments, unsustainability, and relatively poor return on investment, "the suburbs" are an easy target for criticism. But suburbs aren't inherently inadequate, says David Levinson, they suffer from poor postwar urban design.

The Overlooked Beauty of the American Freeway
Sep 9, 2013 -- New Geography
The constant criticism of America's freeways makes it difficult to appreciate this infrastructure as important economic and cultural artifacts and a wonderful way to see the country.

Where Do Recent Grads Have the Best Chance of Finding a Job?
Sep 9, 2013 -- The Atlantic Cities
New York and Los Angeles lead the U.S. with the most job openings in fields that require a college education. But these cities also have the largest pool of competitors. By applying a "location quotient", a different picture of opportunity emerges.

Despite Urban Building Binge, Canada Remains a Country of Suburbs
Sep 9, 2013 -- The Vancouver Sun
A high-rise residential building boom has transformed the skylines of Vancouver and Toronto over the past two decades. But despite the evident rise in the popularity of urban living, Canada's suburbs and exurbs continue to dominate growth trends.

Land Rush Is On as Builders Try to Catch Up to Housing Demand
Sep 9, 2013 -- The New York Times
As the housing market roars back to life, the price of "dirt", or developable land, is surging in America's most desirable areas - including the outer suburbs. A shortage of lots is said to be hampering the housing recovery.

As a Houston Suburb Urbanizes, How Long Can it Avoid "Big-City Issues"?
Sep 10, 2013 -- The Houston Chronicle
The Woodlands was conceived four decades ago as a new style of suburb, mixing the urban and pastoral. And by all accounts it has remained a "special place" as it has matured. But as it nears full build-out, some wonder if its bubble might soon burst.

Boston Seeks to Build 30,000 Housing Units by Decade's End
Sep 11, 2013 -- WBUR
With the goals of accommodating growth, expanding the city's middle class and supply of affordable housing, and moving college students out of private housing, outgoing Mayor Thomas Menino has unveiled a $16.5 billion housing strategy for Boston.