Jul 20, 2013

Nitt Witt Ridge

Discoveries: Is Nitt Witt Ridge folk art or junk-heap Hearst Castle?

CAMBRIA, CALIFORNIA – Dynastic pretensions reside 15 miles up the coast at the Hearst Castle, where that monument to capitalistic excess stands proudly amid the coastal mountain range.
Down here, where the proles dwell, lies a curious sight that many believe was constructed decades ago by the town crank as a snarky answer to the opulence on display at the mansion of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst.
It, too, is on a hill.
It, too, has a fancy name.
It, too, is a state landmark.
Even without those official brown state landmark road signs to serve as a guide, you can't miss Nitt Witt Ridge, which is either Cambria's contribution to the nation's underappreciated folk-art movement or merely one man's junk-heap folly.

Thanks to Mike Yui for contributing.

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