Apr 4, 2013

News From the Department of Agriculture


1 in 3 Counties Now Dying, with Rural and Exurban Areas Hit Hard; Immigrants Help Avert Losses - Mar 15, 2013 -- Washington Post, (DC) article reports that a record number of U.S. counties — more than 1 in 3 — are now dying off, hit by an aging population and weakened local economies that are spurring young adults to seek jobs and build families elsewhere. Nearly 46 percent of all rural (nonmetropolitan) counties had more deaths than births from July 1, 2011 to July 1, 2012.

Deaths and Births in Rural Counties - Uses a map and chart to show that 46% of rural counties had more deaths than births from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012.
Organization: Center for Rural Strategies.  Date: 03 / 2013


Manufacturing is the backbone of America. It’s in our blood. Americans know how to build — it’s how we forged a nation, won two world wars, put men on the moon, and shaped the “new economy.” American workers are among the most productive in the world.

The States Leading the U.S. Manufacturing Resurgence - Exhibiting know-how and innovation, U.S.manufacturers are adding to their payrolls and economic growth across the nation. We have identified 19 states where manufacturing is leading the way... Read More.   By: Mark Crawford/Area Development Magazine

Beginning farmers are less likely to inherit or purchase land from a relative than are established farmers -Beginning farms (those with an operator with 10 or fewer years of experience) made up 21 percent of all family farms in 2010, and since they are smaller, on average, than established farms, they accounted for 10 percent of the value of production on family farms. A chart is drawn and available from Beginning Farmers and Ranchers at a Glance.

YourEconomy.org (YE) is a large time-series establishment data set designed to be a practical tool for researchers, business and community leaders, and economic-growth professionals. It provides, detailed - yet quick and easy-to-access - information about businesses, agencies and organizations, and jobs at the national, state, MSA, and county levels. The site also gives policymakers and journalists the benefit of being able to look at regional economies and their business and industry activities in a new way.

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