Mar 8, 2013

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New from APA Planners Press — The Planning Commissioners Guide
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The directions you need for the future you want

Planning commissioners guide their communities. But who guides the commissioners? This essential handbook points them in the right direction.

The authors, all practicing planners, have worked with planning commissions for decades. Now they share what they've learned — and what communities need their commissioners to know. Eight detailed chapters cover the processes, policies, and politics of planning commissions. Learn about essentials like:
  • Preparing for commission meetings
  • Reviewing development plans
  • Inviting productive public input
  • Steering clear of ethical dilemmas
As a bonus, the book is packed with resources including a glossary of planning terms, a list of training resources, and the American Planning Association's Statement of Ethical Principles in Planning. Put your community on the path to a better future. Pick up The Planning Commissioners Guidetoday.

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About the authors
C. Gregory Dale, FAICP, is a founding principal with McBride Dale Clarion, the Cincinnati affiliate of Clarion Associates. Benjamin A. Herman, FAICP, is a principal in the Fort Collins office of Clarion Associates and leads the firm's nationwide planning practice. Anne F. McBride, FAICP, is a founding principal with McBride Dale Clarion in Cincinnati. e-catalogBeat a path to
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The Planning Commissioners Guide

The Planning Commissioners Guide
C. Gregory Dale, FAICP; Benjamin A. Herman, FAICP; and Anne F. McBride, FAICP
March 2013. 160 pp.

Paperback $29.95
APA members $19.95

APA Planners Press
(Citizens Planning Series)
ISBN: 978-1-61190-061-3

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