Feb 21, 2013

DOD Master Planning Institute


The United States Department of Defense spends more than $10 billion annually on design and construction at its sites across the globe, making it the largest developer in the world. Installation planners play a key role in this development process and installation planning is increasingly important. Moreover, in light of global realignments, the DoD will task many installations with additional missions. Also, emerging threats require the application of appropriate Force Protection measures at all scales. And requirements for sustainable design add another layer of complexity to the planning process. 

Students who attend courses in the DOD Master Planning Institute will learn how to integrate planning history, theory, and application in their own work. They will learn how to make real plans, develop compelling graphics, and connect their planning efforts with DOD policies. These hands-on courses are appropriate for all DOD personnel and contractors interested in learning about the planning process and in learning ways to make and improve master plans.