May 14, 2012


An ideology that promotes the institutionalisation 
of communities containing multiple cultures

This from a witty multiculturalist IRS Employee friend of mine

Message From the Boss

Managers were asked to solicit their groups for people who have experience in working with other cultures and are willing to be a resource person for other employees. I hope the employees in our group who long ago made in-roads to other cultures will volunteer. This is not a time to be a humble Mid-westerner!  You did this stuff before it was "cool"!

Her Reply

I am multi-cultural.

I am experienced working with those from da Sout' Side of Chicawgo. I can translate such sout' side phrases as "yooze guys", "dis, dat, dose and da udder", "wanna come by the house?" "wanna come wit?" "will you borrow me some money?"

Next, from living in BellinghamWA, I know the differences between lacto-ovular vegetarian, orgo-veggie, and vegan.  I can correctly distinguish between sprouts, tofu and rice cakes.  I can dance "free-bird" style while wearing Birkenstocks with thick woolen socks & a "save the whales" pin. 

I knew I was nativized to Montana the first time that it rained and these words came out of my mouth:  "Well, it's good for the farmers. We need the moisture." And I learned to use the local Mantra which is, "You Bet". 

I also knew I had lived in the west for a sufficiently long enough time when I saw the headline "IRPAC Open Season", and immediately thought it was hunting season on IRS advisory council members.

I can use the word "Uffda!" correctly in a sentence as a result of my exposure to Norwegianisms.

Finally, I can speak IRS by the correct use of the  phrase "We apologize and are working diligently on the problem."