Mar 19, 2012

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Ann Forsyth
Finding an Undergraduate Planning Program
Mar 19, 2012

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Mar 14, 2012

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Planners and Computer Nerds Rejoice at the Return of SimCity
Mar 15, 2012 -- The Atlantic Cities
After a decade of absence, Maxis, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, has announced plans to release an updated version of SimCity, the pioneering urban planning computer game, in 2013. 

Should Phoenix Exist?
Mar 18, 2012 -- OnEarth
Emma Marris reviews a new book by Andrew Ross, a cultural critic at New York University, that tries to understand how Phoenix came to be what it is, and determine whether there's any way it can be turned around.

Bringing Value to Low-Cost Housing
Mar 17, 2012 -- Urban Land
Ron Nyren looks at 10 affordable housing developments across the world completed in the last five years that demonstrate good design and low-cost housing are not mutually exclusive. 

Top Emerging Art Scenes Unveiled
Mar 16, 2012 -- Good
Earlier this month, Good asked its readers to submit picks for cities full of emerging talent and creativity. In this piece Colleen Wormsley compiles the results. 

Friday Funny: Accessorizing Your City's New Hot Ride
Mar 16, 2012 -- The Atlantic Cities
John Metcalfe has "designed" what he thinks could be the "Ultimate Municipal Supertruck of the Future."

Using Cartoons to Explain Smart Growth 
Mar 18, 2012 -- Saga City
Consider adding this animated video, which explains how past planning practices created sprawl and how smart growth policies can help solve multiple problems, to your family's Sunday morning cartoon rotation.

NASA Map of Forests Provides Lessons for Information Design 
Mar 15, 2012 -- Fast Company Co.Design
Tim Maly analyses a stunning high-resolution map of America√Ę€™s forests for its lessons on the subtle choices that go into good visual information design for multiple audiences. 

Are Satellite Cities the Smart Alternative to Urban Sprawl or Pie in the Sky?
Mar 16, 2012 -- Urban Land
Kai Laursen argues for satellite cities as a promising alternative to accommodate population growth, while preserving open space and farmland, and minimizing urban sprawl.