Sep 27, 2011

One Page Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development Strategy
Communities in the Heartland

The center of Illinois and the United States is the Heart of the Heartland, 
in midstate Illinois mideway between Chicago and St Louis. 

  We will market our advantages, which include:

Minimal congestion
Middle of America’s Heartland
Close to Chicago & St Louis
Governments that are easy to work with
You can meet with the Mayor and City Council
A skilled work force with midwestern work ethics
Excellent road, rail, barge, and air service
Low crime rate
Great schools
Low taxes
Affordable quality housing
Quality universities and colleges

  Our goals:

Expand and diversify our economy
Improve employment opportunities
Attract new investment and trade

  Towards these ends, the region will:

Market our assets
Support economic development programs
Promote business expansion in the region
Coooperate with other communities

  Special focus areas include:

Attract businesses to our region
Lower red tape                
Promote tourism
Market the region for international business
Support international service at our Airports
Support agribusiness expansion
Focus on alternate engery – ethanol, wind, etc