Sep 25, 2011

Burning Man - Urban Planning

A Vision of How People Should Live, From Desert Revelers to Urbanites

Courtesy of GeoEye
A 2006 image of the grounds at the Burning Man festival, called Black Rock City, in Nevada.
GERLACH, Nev. — How many city planners get to see their ideas take shape all around them?

Rod Garrett 

Heidi Schumann for The New York Times

Burning Man in 2006. The annual festival that began in 1986 with about 20 people is expected to draw 50,000 this year.

The short list includes Georges-Eugène Haussmann, who bulldozed much of Paris in the mid-19th century, and Robert Moses, who remade New York during the 20th.
And Rod Garrett, who, beginning in 1997, laid out Burning Man, the annual festival of self-expression in the parched northern Nevada desert.
Mr. Garrett died last week at 74, just short of the 25th anniversary of Burning Man’s founding.