Jul 21, 2011

Teach Job Creation

Richard Florida has written a great article in the Atlantic Monthly.  Teaching our future leaders how to start and grow businesses is a pretty obvious but good way to get new businesses started. 

I would go a step further and advocate that we should teach people in high school how to start and grow a business. There are lots of high school graduates and drop outs who start small businesses. Teaching them how to do it properly and succeed makes sense.

Teach Job Creation at Our Business Schools

"What's the single best idea to jumpstart job creation?

Behind every job is a growing company. And behind every successful company is a startup that made it big. New businesses, according to a recent study by the Kauffman Foundation and others, account for three out of five new jobs. To support job growth, we have to support startups."
The Great Jobs Debate: An Atlantic/McKinsey Report

"What if creating jobs -- for ourselves and for others -- became the mantra of our MBA, engineering, science and graduate programs? We know that the job market is split, and that we are creating good high-paying jobs for those with high levels of education and skill alongside a lot of low-skill jobs for those with less skill and lower levels of education. We need smarter, more explicit means of using the talents of the former to help the latter."

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