Mar 17, 2011

A Little Radiation Never Hurt Anybody

A Little Radiation Never Hurt Anybody

Of course a lot of radiation is not so good.

Who knows how many people will be injured or killed from radiation in Japan? Let us hope and pray for the best.

When I was a young Marine in 1967 we had some very high powered radars. Personnel wore badges that showed how much exposure to radiation they had encountered to protect them. The badges would be periodically checked to see the radiation exposure.

One of our Sergeants hit on the clever idea of throwing his badge up in front of the radar a number of times. The next time his badge was checked the radiation was through the roof.

They evacuated him to the hospital, presuming he would quickly become sick. He spent two weeks in bed, happily eating and chasing the nurses.

They figured out he had pulled a fast one, but could not prove it, so he got away with it.

After I got to Vietnam we were much more cavalier about radiation from high powered radars and radios. I spent a year on Hill 327 in close proximity to a lot of radar and radio transmitter emanations. No badges, no worries.

And now I need to start some more radiation treatments for a little problem I have. But fortunately I know that a little radiation never hurt anyone.