Feb 15, 2011


The United Kingdom uses roundabouts instead of stop signs or lights at intersections. I always thought they looked safer and more efficient then our stop signs and stop lights. And now we have research indicating that that is the case.

These intersections should be safer and more efficient since they require traffic to slow down and drive around a raised landscaped center. Take a look at the videos below for more information.

The DOT describes Modern Roundabouts – the State of Washington DOT !

A superior look at modern roundabouts by watching WSDOT’s five-part video series, click each title:

* Roundabouts: What they are and what they are not.
* Roundabouts: How do I drive a roundabout?
* Roundabouts: Pedestrians and cyclists
* Roundabouts: Safety benefits
* Roundabouts: What does this mean for me?