Feb 14, 2011

Income by Age and Education

The table from the US Census below illustrates the income differential from all workers and those with less then a 9th grade education. It becomes very clearly how difficult it is for those with little education. 

Of course many people will call for more education and spending on education to resolve this problem. But many people without a ninth grade education do not have the ability to achieve in school. They are unable to succeed in our technically complex world. So we care for them in prison.

There used to be many jobs in agriculture and later in industry for uneducated people. But many of these jobs are gone forever.

My solution - government provides a guaranteed job at minimum wage for anyone wanting to work. They can be put to work in cleaning up our cities, improving public works and parks, etc, and training them for other jobs. This would be a better and cheaper approach then using the criminal justice system.

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