Dec 17, 2010

Wikapedia is a Great Free Information Resource

Wikapedia is a remarkable information source. The work is done by numerous people without pay, writing these articles simply out of interest. The checks and balances of numerous people double checking and working to keep bias out of the articles works pretty well, except for very contentious issues.

Wikapedia has been asking for money to help. They do provide great information.  I will send them some money. 

Wikapedia could pay for the service with one line advertising, which is what I predict they will eventually do. The issue is a little like Public Television, which tries to operate without advertisements by getting donations. But Public TV commercials to get donations become annoying. I would rather see a clever advertisement then a constant clamor for donations.

Hey, Wikapedia, why don't you make a deal with, the great company that makes lots of money putting out coupons for discounted purchases. A groupon coupon on the top of each wiki search page would bring lots of revenue to you.

Thanks, Wikapedia.

From Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales