Dec 29, 2010

The End of Men

A good article in the Atlantic Monthly about the changes in our economy and how it is impacting men.

It is an interesting article. It points out how women are succeeding in America today, where men, especially unskilled men, are finding it very difficult to succeed.

In my opinion the article points out an important reason for our crime rates.  Men with few skills have a tough time making it in this economy, and some of them turn to crime, both to make money and because they are angry.

But most of this article could also be written to describe the gap between bright people and dull people of either sex. Our modern American society is working very well for educated people. For those of low ability and low intelligence, things are tough.

One hundred and fifty years ago most people worked on the farm, and there was need for male labor.  When we switched to an industrial economy there was still a need for male labor.

But in our technology economy the need for a strong back is much reduced.

Most of this negative impact is on people with low intelligence.  As a society we must figure out how to help these people.  Currently we do it with welfare and/or prison.

We would be much better off to create a guaranteed job. Folks that could not find a job in our competitive society should be put to work on public works project, cleaning our cities,  safeguarding our cities. This would be far cheaper then our current method.