Feb 17, 2010

Play in Peoria - High Speed Google Internet Test Community

Google is looking for a test community for the installation of a 1Gb (very fast) high speed internet service.  Bill Dennis and Tim Couillard propose that we try to be that community. This is a very good idea. I have proposed to Google that they choose us, and I suggest that the City push for our selection.

Will it Play in Peoria ?  We would be a great location because of our long history as a test bed site for a variety of shows and products.

Bring Google Fiber to Peoria IL
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Google is testing 1Gb high speed Internet service and Peoria should be it's test bed. 1Gb is approximately 100 times faster than our current high speed Internet (Cable Modem and DSL)
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Fill out the information below to propose our Peoria:


Tim Coullard has created a Facebook page to show Google citizen demand/support.