Oct 28, 2009

Search for Engineering Design Center- 30K SF Office

Search for Engineering Design Center - 30K SF Office for Lease

An engineering and technical services firm is seeking a facility in Illinois to establish a new engineering design center. The company plans to employ 200+ workers.

Facility requirements:
� 30,000 square feet of office space for lease
� T-1 data communication line
� Controlled Environment for Servers; e.g., IT Center/Computer Control Room
� Electronic controlled security system; that is, an electronic system to control worker and other individuals entry into the company's premises

Location requirement: proposed facilities must be within a 30 minute driving distance of a university with engineering programs in mechanical and electrical engineering. The company will employ graduates of engineering programs as well as utilize current students. The company will also be interested in employing graduates and students of community college engineering programs as well.

Due to the engineering school requirement and other factors your regions and county (DeKalb) have been targeted. (The company is not interested in the Chicago Metro area because they are seeking a low cost location.)

Planned workforce breakdown:
25% mechanical engineers
25% electrical engineers
50% software related

Project timeframe:
� By the end of November identify a site
� December 2009 sign a lease and thereafter begin transforming the space to their specific requirements
� January commence operations in the facility

Please submit via e-mail information on facilities satisfying the above requirements and enrollment and graduate data for mechanical and electrical engineering programs within 30 minutes of the facility to
david.pierson@illinois.gov by November 3, 2009. If information is available on graduates and students with backgrounds in software development for manufacturing applications, that would be helpful as well. Lastly, if there are incentives that may apply for this project, please identify them in the response.

Thank you in advance.


Dave Pierson
Economic Development Representative
IL Dept. of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
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